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In every undertaking ACCPR is guided by the principles of Human Rights Based Approach. Our key references include:

The Future

Is Now Africa (FINA) program

ACCPR recognizes that the dream of sustainable development in Africa remains just that, a pipe dream, unless the continent deliberately engages children and young people.


Our Expertise

Policy and legal division, Communications and advocacy division and Research and evidence division.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is "Africa's Potential Untied" Our Mission is to locate Children and Youth dreams across Research, Communication and Policy as the heartbeat of sustainable development in Africa.

Core values

ACCPR believes in service delivery and partnerships that promote: Professionalism and Integrity, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Empowerment and Commitment, Passion for Innovation

Our Foundation

We believe in the potential of Africa. We Think Children. We think Youth. We think Sustainable Future. We always reference The Human rights agenda; Sustainable Development Goals; and The African Agenda 2063.

Women Deliver Conference 2019

The world’s largest conference in recent times on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women was held on 3-6 June 2019   in Vancouver, Canada. More than 8,000 people – including heads of states, ministers, parliamentarians, academics, advocates, activists and journalists - from over 165 countries on site and more than 100,000 people joining around the world through satellite events and virtual means attended the conference with the drive to accelerate progress for girls and women everywhere.

The Conference presented new knowledge, promote world-class solutions, and engaged a broad spectrum of voices. It focused on diverse themes including health, nutrition, and education, economic and political empowerment to human rights, good governance, and girls’ and women’s agency and equality.

For the promotion and protection of the rights of women and girls globally, he Women Deliver Conference 2019 achieved significant results including:

  1. Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta committed to ending female genital mutilation by 2022, pushing for more women in parliament and power in general, ending child marriage, acting on climate change, and making primary and secondary education compulsory for all children, regardless of gender.  
  1. The Government of Canada announced that it will raise its funding to CAD$1.4 billion annually to support women and girls’ health around the world. That includes an additional CAD$300 million a year dedicated to sexual and reproductive health rights. 
  1. The Government of Canada announced that it will work with the Equality Fund -- a consortium of Canadian and international organizations with expertise in international development, investment, and philanthropy. The Equality Fund consortium has already raised $100 million from Canadian and international philanthropic foundations and has the ambition to leverage more than $1 billion in assets working for gender equality. 
  1. The Global Parliamentary Alliance on Health, Rights, and Development was created – the first ever global platform for parliamentarians to advocate for better health care, expand human rights, and meet the Sustainable Development Goals both in their home countries and abroad. 
  1. Equal Measures 2030 launched The SDG Gender Index, the most comprehensive tool available to measure the state of gender equality aligned to the SDGs. 
  1. The Deliver for Good Business Ally Network launched to promote private sector engagement toward gender equality across the Sustainable Development Goals. Through this announcement, and the work of the new network, Merck and P&G are working alongside more than 400 leading civil society organizations and governments to drive solutions toward a more gender equal world. 


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