Who are we?

Think Children. Think Youth. Think Sustainable Future

The African Centre for Communications, Policy and Research (ACCPR) is a think-tank founded in 2015 to offer Pan-African solutions to human development challenges through incisive and laser-focused communications, policy, research and strategic interventions. Initially conceived as a communications think-tank, our experience has inevitably expanded into the realms of policy, legislative and research. At ACCPR, we have, over the years, defined and tested communications, policy and research models that we modify to suit the needs and interests of specific clients, sectors, regions and target markets. We work to engage communities, government agencies, autonomous bodies, non-profit organizations, international development agencies, the private sector, faith-based organizations and academic institutions under our four symbiotic flagship divisions:

  • Policy and Legal division
  • Communications and Advocacy division
  • Research and Evidence division
  • Capacity building and Empowerment division