Capacity Building Division

Think Children. Think Youth. Think Sustainable Future

Legal and Policy: We provide capacity building and training services in law and policy domains including: A step by step guide to legal and policy processes; engaging in legal and policy processes; legal and policy analysis; legislative and policy drafting; gender mainstreaming in law and policy; policy and legislative advocacy; analysis of budgets and budget frameworks; treaty reporting and monitoring and development of policy and legislative briefs for advocacy.

Communications and Advocacy: Our capacity building and training services in communications and advocacy includes development and implementation of communications and advocacy strategies, roadmaps and implementation plans; development of media relations tools including press statements, media pitches, media analytics and social media strategies; Conceptualizing and implementing strategic campaigns and public awareness; strategies for copy and substantive editing; digital and creative communications including web audits, content development, branding and infographics.

Research and Evidence: In research and generation of evidence our training and capacity building services includes modalities of research; project baselines and evaluations; knowledge generation and management.