David Hackworth once wrote that “If a policy is wrongheaded, feckless and corrupt I take it personally and consider it a moral obligation to sound off and not shut up until it's fixed.”  At ACCPR we work to fix ‘wrongheaded, feckless and corrupt’ policies and laws at all levels. We work towards continuous improvement of existing legislative and policy frameworks. We however recognize that this is easier said than done and requires comprehensive research and evaluations, partnerships and extensive advocacy.

Our policy and legal division provides though-provoking ideas on the place of law and policy on development in Africa. We seek to place legislations, regulations, by-laws, treaties, conventions, soft laws and policy interventions at the heart of development across the socio-economic and political context. We simplify laws and policies for the masses, including children, to understand and engage; we provide legal and policy opinions and briefs; develop inclusive policy and advocacy strategies; build capacity of stakeholders to undertake advocacy; develop treaty reports and roadmaps for implementation of concluding observations; analyses budgets and policy statements.

In a nutshell, the policy division strategically engages with clients, partners, research institutions, civil society among other stakeholders at the sub-national, national, regional and global levels in: