Africa Image Conference Launched – Africans poised to Develop Pan-African Solutions for Africa

Dr Prince Kwame Darko-Executive Director

Ghana is set to host the maiden edition of the Africa Image Conference in Accra Ghana under the theme “Rebranding Africa-Changing the Narratives”. The three days event which is targeted at Pan Africans, Brand Consultants, Africa Image Ambassadors and Content Producers around the world will seek to develop strategies and projects that will rebrand the image of Africa for development.

Despite having a long and storied history, the image of Africa in the public imagination remains largely shaped by stereotypes that paint it as an impoverished continent. These misconceptions are further reinforced by negative portrayals in mainstream media outlets — a reality that makes it difficult to overcome outdated ideas about what African nations have to offer.

In a press Statement by the African Chamber of Content Producers in their Oyarifa office on Friday 27th January 2023, the Chamber revealed that in spite of these negative narratives surrounding Africa, content can still be used effectively to change the perception and rebrand the continent’s narrative through well-crafted stories on its diverse range of cultures, societies, economies and success stories. “By creating compelling materials that capture these aspects with nuance, African Content Producers can use content marketing strategies to build awareness around different elements of life in Africa and foster appreciation for its wide variety of achievements – something sorely needed when one considers how much denial there is surrounding certain realities on the ground”, part of the statement read.

The Africa Image Conference scheduled for 25th May to 27th May 2023 in Accra Ghana is an important event for the African continent.  The three days conference is an opportunity for Pan Africans around the world to come together and collaborate to improve the lives of African people around the world, to rebrand the image of Africa and to change the negative narratives surrounding Africa. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights and knowledge about the region, network with Pan Africans, be trained on Pan-Africanism Communication by Pan-African Institutions of higher learning, and have the chance to be part of an active dialogue on the challenges faced by Africans today. According to the organizers of this very important conference, long-term rebranding Projects will be initiated at the conference and implemented by delegates present at the conference.

In an Interview with Nana Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin; an executive Director of the African Chamber of Content Producers, he stated that for those who are interested in African issues, the Africa Image Conference is an important and invaluable opportunity, adding that it is a chance to gain knowledge and expertise on the African continent, network with influential Pan-Africans, and be part of a dialogue that could have a positive impact on the African continent.

“When you think of Africa, what comes to mind? War-torn landscapes and child soldiers often seem to be the most widely accepted image. But for one of the world’s largest continents with over 50 countries, this generalization hardly does it justice—which is why it’s time that we rebrand this ancient land using content. Within a single continent lies great diversity in terms of geography, culture, and language. Most people are unaware of its vast technical savvy infrastructure or the fact that ancient Egypt was one of the oldest and most long-lasting civilizations in world history. This is where cleverly crafted content can provide an alternative lens through which African countries are seen: A place full of opportunity and change instead of a place constantly requiring aid from outside forces. By painting afro forward futuristic narratives,

industries such as tech innovation & much more risk capital flows would confidently find their way into some of these exciting economies & help bridge gaps in social enterprise initiatives within healthcare, agriculture, technology and media. Content provides us with both an engaging platform and unique toolsets towards achieving our development goals”, he revealed.

Dr. Prince Kwame Darko, an image ambassador for the African Chamber of Content Producers also disclosed that the Chamber plans to use Content to highlight success stories from ordinary Africans doing extraordinary things — those creating apps addressing needed solutions; innovators utilizing technology to better life on Earth, entrepreneurs risking everything including their lives at times just to get ahead, African consumers devoting their time and resources to consume made in Africa products, and a host of others.

The President of the Nigeria Chamber of Content Producers, Phil Efe Benard also disclosed that Content marketing offers a viable solution to rebranding Africa’s image; shining light onto untold narratives rooted firmly within Africa’s history awaiting discovery.

“In addition to informing readers and viewers about topics such as infrastructure development or technological advances taking place across regions like Sub Saharan Africa or North Africa respectively; persuasive contents outlining ways investors could benefit from putting money into nascent markets are useful too due to their potential impact towards convincing businesses seeking opportunities elsewhere. That’s why the conference will also host the “Model AfCFTA Pan African Trade Exhibition” to show the world that indeed Africans can come together and trade among themselves. There are a lot of positive things that we can throw light on in Africa. The telling signs exist hidden away just needing someone knowledgeable enough about local conversations to usher them out” he stated.

Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin-Executive Director

“There is no greater pride than being counted among the few individuals committed to leaving their mark as true heroes of the African Continent. The Africa Image Project aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all Indigenous and diaspora peoples of African ancestry. Your presence at the African Image Conference signifies a milestone where you seal your commitment as part of a larger family of Africans working strategically to rebrand the image of Africa through positive narratives and Pan-African-focused projects”, the statement concluded.

The Africa Chamber of Content Producers’ modus operandi is in accordance with the principles & objectives of the African Charter on cultural renaissance Part 1 Article 3 (f) & (h) and Part V Article 20 & 21 on the use of media in promoting Culture and guided by the constitutive act of the Africa Union. The Chamber currently has about a thousand members across fifty countries in Africa.

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